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eternal love on infinite shores

by 4:44

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infinity 02:34
ive been waiting so long to sing this song ive been waiting my whole life i need time to go back to where it was before i grew up to when all i could see was infinity give me the strength im standing here give me the strength dont wanna fear the future
mourning 02:58
take me back to the days of morning waking up my daddys calling grandma making breakfast momma busting my balls sister would read or watch tv doggy was in the window where did it all go away from here i fear im meant to live my life alone alone oh too much pain my brain dont work no more no more
always here youre in my heart if you go away i fall apart know youll always be my friend ill have your back until the end im here for you i fear for you i care ill be there dont you ever leave my side youre my girl and im your guy dont you ever be ascared fold your hands into a prayer and stay like that i could use that right now i could use that
low 01:50
i cant believe what im hearing cant believe i hear i dont wanna feel like that i dont wanna feel so bad dont tell me about that
only one 02:53
one i love you are the only one i love this is the only thing that i know how to do dont make me tell a lie to make it through youre the only one i dont recall anything at all wash the blood off of my hands its time to be a man look in my eye dont you lie greatest guitar solo to ever grace your ears
shout 01:26
i wanna take you im gonna take you there i cant lie i am scared everybody wants to hurt me when the things in my head leave my mouth and i shout them out i wanna take you im gonna take you there i cant lie i am scared everything you hear is bullshit unless it comes from the mouth of the Lord so shout it out
no matter what you do everyday is the same no matter what you gain everyday is the same no matter what you lose every day is pain right outside your door you ask what for and you take steps into the future yet unknown id like to try to stay alive like to get out of my bed like to get out of my head
doubt 01:32
no where else id rather be everyone that i ever meet is who im meant to meet everything that i am i guess that is what im meant to be just please let me see where im meant to go row where im meant to row float where im meant go float go where im meant to go stop spending all of my time in doubt
star 01:52
i remember when it all was so innocent could you tell me why cus im trying not to cry dont wanna have to live that lie anymore how could you let me take it this far how could you let it be so hard whyd you always tell me that i could be a rockstar you put it in my head youre the reason why id start oh whyd you let it break my heart
ill try harder i dont wanna die like this i dont wanna live if i aint got nothing to give you always falling apart im always falling apart
wasted time 01:02
i have wasted all my time trying to find myself all alone waiting for something else something more
devour 01:23
you wanna get in my body wanna get in my head you wanna get in my soul you wanna get in my bed you wanna be my heart you wanna be my higher power ill devour you devour me let see who claims
video game 02:01
you know the world it makes me mad you know it makes me feel so bad i need you to love me through the night and we'll feel alright in love i dont want anybody else i need you and a video game
soul 01:35
i dont want nobody baby i dont want no dough i just want your heart my lady i just want your soul to love let me show you how much you really mean to me my lady how come you never ever tell me about you never tell me you love i let you take my heart so dont break my heart gonna hold you gonna know you gonna show you just how much you mean to me my little baby i wanna know if you love me i wanna know if you care i wanna take you there
cry 03:16
i dont know what it is im supposed to do could you talk to me im going out of my head i fell off the path a giggling psychopath sometimes i rather laugh than show you the tears inside im a mess im headed for a crash i dont wanna die i just wanna cry im losing you and all the things we'll do baby the lords with you fold your hands and pray away the pain of shame todays a new day todays a new day ill hold your hand though i cannot stand watching my little girl hurt so bad it kills me
grow up 02:17
i dont wanna grow dont wanna grow up im tired
i need you to see me through this hard time in my life im holding on holding on gonna take you home dont take me home yet
sunshine 01:16
gold sunshine shining down on me giving me a reason to believe to not give up its not gonna get better overnight youve gotta fight for what you want and gotta fight for what you need never let it up i swear i try my best each day not gonna stop until you get what you want from me ill take the high road the long road the way its meant to be i know youll wait on the other side waiting on the other side for me
my cousin 01:40
always my best friend i could never forget the time we spent together forever my brother we discovered life together forever fucking it up whenever we're never too old to have a good time you're one of a kind you let it shine you let it shine i cry and youll be there you made me unascared i believe in theres no defeating my cousin my cousin my cousin my cousin
thank you 01:26
in my life everyone left me but all who are with me right now i wanna thank you wanna thank you for being there for me i wanna thank you from the very bottom of my heart you never let me you never left me you never let me down know i love you with all of my heart i love you with all of my heart
eternal 01:56
taking it back to how it used to be before the world got in the way and all translucency filled with darkness my soul will go it will flow to the river and collide with my creator and we will sing of eternal love on infinite shores we will sing of eternal love on infinite shores a family reunion


released April 8, 2022


all rights reserved



4:44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

elemental rock forged from deep within a mystical basement known in legend as cellar heaven

all songs written, recorded and performed by Free

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