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by 4:44

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C C Good riffs! 80's influence! Right up my alley. Favorite track: Tongue (DEMO).
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keep that big mouth shut you dumb fuck speak like a serpent whine like a child life and death in the tongue slice and cut through conversation one way i pay for my sins i cant hide it cant deny it ive got a problem cant keep my big mouth shut you dumb fuck you make me high me make me cry me make me die
dumb fuck gets by on good luck spills and drinks my blood nothings black and white kill so you dont have to stop the fight no dont go there i could never do that
Game (DEMO) 02:54
lady wants to hurt me lady wants to have my baby lady wants to kill me i see your game i know your game dont blame me just blame yourself look what you did to my brain in a state of permanent pain well lady makes my brain shake lady makes the earth quake lady loves to manipulate
Scum (DEMO) 02:07
i do real dumb shit i think i did it to you i did it to you but i didnt do that crawl my way up out of this grave baby tell me what it is that makes you hate me could you ever forgive me im not scum
partner meet my wife ive got a plan for my man he schemes his disease i scheme demise are you in or are you out i cant live without you my boo be true to you be true to me to tear their lives upside down hurt me why do you hurt me it hurts so bad why do you hurt me it hurts so bad honey dont honeydew
why you looking at me like that man i am the pac man you are the rat man ive come to seal loose lips poot lets make this quick cmon be a man and look me in the eye oh be a pal and dont let me die wallace why did you come home you should have known hes out of the game avon let the boy be blown out of my head im floating over the baltimore sky youre not a soldier youre just a toy i was your best friend you were my my boy
Left (DEMO) 01:17
all my friends left
Andy (DEMO) 04:29
it cant be now brother my brother baby brother andy do you want a fantasy i can give it to you this powder eats your brain baby boy is not the same i wonder if i did something wrong if i ever shoulda let you sing my song and i was your everything you broke my heart and i love and i love you God please forgive me im sorry my family hates me oh andy ill always be your friend ill love you more than you could ever understand
Gummy (DEMO) 01:19
pot pills and piss drown in chlorine out of amphetamine gives me my energy steal my life break my heart its open for you im a dummy i held my head up high im a gummy for you for me
strain my brain im done with change concrete my mind the poison goo it rots in you must kill behind dummy gummy mommy help me i wanna see the light poison in the night victim to the serpent candy candy on candy on candy i choke
dont want you to see me as i am life kicked my ass one too many times bashed my skull stole my soul kicked me to the floor take my hand and let me rest lay my head upon your chest and hold me it made me wanna die there no pain anymore the girl i love will take me as i am she makes me wanna be a better man than i was before she cant hurt you anymore cellar door
Happy (DEMO) 01:26
she dont want a lot out of life she just wants to be happy she makes me happy i dont even know her at all
Blush (DEMO) 02:14
i just wanna know you i just need to show you my hearts been rotting she dont make my brain squirm she dont make my brain feel pain could she just wash away the rain with her face never seen a smile laced with such grace lets just take it slow girl you dont even know what you do when you blush i would love to love you one day (when you blush) i could never hurt you darling please dont ever hurt me darling i would love to love you one day i would blush
i found my friend hold back the night mare and open your heart to the dreamscape dont have to wait no more she is the rytyhm of life the key to the door of my heart i am falling for you
Glad (DEMO) 03:11
im just glad to be here im just glad to be here with you i watch you watch me fall asleep i love to make you make you laugh i want a photograph with you im just glad to be here im just glad to be here with you is it real its real to me youre an angel an angel would you be with me id be with you id love to love you one day but im just glad to be here im just glad to be here with you
i wait for my man aint got no plans he'll pick me up at seven o' clock and we'll drive daddy ill be alright momma im falling in love hold my hand and swear youll never leave me dont you dare deceive cus ive been hurt before and my heart smashed in a thousand pieces hurt too bad to cry to Jesus i dont know how i got through but all i know is you found me and i found you
Dog (DEMO) 01:56
if you say to hold my head up high i will do whatever you want me to do for a long, long time i know that i never felt this way before
obliterate i want to hold my head up high for you when nobody wants you theres someone that wants to somewhere she cured my diseas just by holding my hand i dont know why i dont how shes got the melody to obliterate my disease
splinter between you and me dont you know whats below not a lie its a long time
Flea (DEMO) 01:39
hoo ha ahh huh eh huhuhuhuhu scratch my itch i am your bitch i roll on the floor for you my trick i know youre sick my eyes see what you do im an enabler cus i cant speak and i know you cant eat and you cant sleep and your sins are safe with me now cus im dead let it go let it spill out of your head you gave me fleas
Weep (DEMO) 03:19
youre so good you dont know me yet my insides twist violently you dont wanna know whats in my head deep breathe and go to sleep i jump up i hate are you sure now nothings wrong weep
let love override anything that might divide us let love and i just wanna hold you in my arms keep you there forever be there when you need me ill be there
Wait (DEMO) 01:42
you never know when love will come around any time at all dont let it get you down keep your head high and your heart open hoping though youre broken dont force it dont try to lie to yourself theres always someone somewhere and we wait and wait and wait
Sweet (DEMO) 02:42
i was made for you and you were made for me i swear i never felt anything like this send me a song and i will sing along for a long, long time i tried my best to hide my little dark heart youre so sweet i cant stand it i cant lie im in love with you be true to me ill be true to you stop youre crying quit lying to yourself ive been waiting and praying for you and now im gonna love you


released April 15, 2021


all rights reserved



4:44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

elemental rock forged from deep within a mystical basement known in legend as cellar heaven

all songs written, recorded and performed by Free

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