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by 4:44

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purge 03:16
alcohol down to the tummy twist my tongue and make me funny spending all my money on a feeling i got caffeine running through my bloodstream i like coca cola hahahaha hoohoohoohoo hahahaha hoohoohoohoo yaaaa run your hands through my hair im scared i dont wanna be alone i dont wanna die alone i dont wanna purge
tea 02:09
i am a child of the golden age everything i learned was on the written page spit out of the tv and into my head live and die by the books i read i burned the bible ripped the flags from the staff my teacher taught me how to speak out of my asshole (hand farts) ooh ahh suckin the teet of big tech suckinasuckinasuckasuckinasuckinasucka scrolling on down an endless page its filling me up with an endless rage and i cant win
scream 01:30
say the wrong thing and you will be hung by your idea we dont see eye to eye anymore pit us against one another watch us devour eachother baby says theres something wrong with me you make me scream rahhh
electropop 01:16
affirmation 01:43
carpet crawler so much taller than ill ever be im not like you deep breathe whats left nothing but a feeling corrupt me sweetly and lie lie lie lie lie through your teeth to me make pretend theres nothing left no hope no rest only i will wait for death take another deep breathe act like there is no God life is so hard affirmed by arithmatic
pollution 02:43
im so tired uninspired i cant make it on my own ive been crying so sick of trying feel like im dying feel like im dying to be something feel like im nothing ive been hunting for a solution but theres pollution in my brain stained my the world
disturb 03:02
baby know that i want to see through what i saw and just know that i tried to leave the hurt behind it dont mean a thing wasnt anything at all ive got a past and that was a small part of my life will you be a part of my life im disturbed
tear 04:06
what has happened to the world was it always like this it wasnt always like this stains on brains if you wanna i would like to help you out whatever happened it was what we were all about and now we're tearing it down picking a fight loving whats wrong hating whats right no longer killing with kindness
pleasure 01:31
aghha its a real weird world its a fucked up place i cant lie im a disgrace and everything is backwards everybody is broken and everybody is seeking pleasure choking on poison channeling the nether m m m mash the baby milk the man fuckin crazy kill i am i wanna ravage the orchard i wanna stab what i dont understand i wanna break the bones of a man pleasure
troll 02:37
the chick is hip she dont take no shit from anybody never calls her daddy or her mommy aluminum in the lungs aluminum dont behead me i said something wrong asshole im a troll
debt 02:24
man is not a man but he is property the king of britain rules the law of the sea theyll never let you go you are the debter new world order hold it over my head now ive got a reason to believe in evil God watch over me this is your kingdom come i am the debter patriot stamped and sealed the postal letter new world order hold it over my head now
empire 01:45
take down where its free and you can see anything you want to see be anything you want to be kill anything you want to kill and eat it believe it the empire of happiness built on the backs of the working class feasting on sin living on rythym fine dining on pleasure
freeze 01:33
i gotta wake up im living like a cheap version of myself ive gotta be honest with the way i feel and things im too scared to talk about are you too scared to talk about the truth are you too scared to talk about the way that it is and how it should be i freeze down on my knees begging for mercy feed me your lies ill spit them up
weak 02:33
i dont wanna see you cry baby lie tell me everything is fine youre alright im weak i need some sleep i need some Jesus Jesus im weak i need some sleep i need some Jesus Jesus
depend 01:50
if God put it in your heart now darling dont ever question why you started you are not alone you gotta throw it up (depend on him)
bright 01:39
girl wherever you go i will go there too theres no where too far just tell me where you are and i will run so fast to far away into the future of brighter days ahead now not too far ahead now i love her to death now she loves me to death now i love her to death
edumacationa 02:03
edumacationa only a fool scoffs at wisdom only a fool has an answer for every question when they feel threatened they lash out everybodies got a point to prove to keep you from thinking edumacationa im a big boy i think for myself goo goo goo ga ga ga
echo chamber 02:45
when i wake up hollow and heated before i open my eyes i am defeated i take all my rage out on this idea that doesnt allign with what i want that dosent allign with what i need that doesnt relieve me that doesnt receieve me as i am whatever makes me feel good is what i want whatever makes me feel good is what i need whatever makes me feel alive though it may deprive me of my breathe muh muh muh mama im sorry muh muh muh mama this is where i am
warmachine 02:24
scroll down my feed and let you bleed all over me someones daughter son load my gun shake your shake your tail feather where the dollars hide on the darker side reaping sewing flesh the end goal is silence an idol of ideas a bouquet of flesh in this simulation overstimulation regenerate ovulate populate with demon child from satans war machine
enough 02:24
thats enough ive seen too much ive done too many things id never do my brain is stained my lungs are strained im filled with shame im not the same no im not the same i dont wanna see that i really dont wanna see that why do i care why do i stare you dig a deep wound in my heart its setting up the stage to patronize the thought fuckin fill me up with rage
alcohol on a summer night makes me happy makes me fight in the morning it will hurt like a bitch i opened up my mouth again hurt a lover hurt a friend will this be the end of my drinking everyday i try to quit but i cant seem to stop i cannot bare to be alone with my thoughts sometimes i think of all thats left and how it rests upon my chest i guess one day ill drink myself into death its always breaking me up (breaking me down) its always breaking me down (breaking me up) one day ill pay for my sins on summer nights


released July 22, 2021


all rights reserved



4:44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

elemental rock forged from deep within a mystical basement known in legend as cellar heaven

all songs written, recorded and performed by Free

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