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angels descend from upon heaven's high tower

by 4:44

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another night waster i need more time to face it its just my life passing me by i need more time moretime there is a light that shines from the top of the hill
heaven looks down on me i try to be anything other than what i am so sorry im living a lie so sorry im hurting inside so sorry ill be better one day ill be better one day
doi not fear do not have anxiety over anything in any situation we will be there you have so many angels
as white as snow falling take time to look around at the ones you love like snow falling as white as snow falling don't take it for granted there's not much time don't take it for granted don't make me cry
shake 02:29
i hear the rain pouring down on the outside i hear your feet start to walk up the steps i hear you stop and start walking towards the front door i guess i gotta make believe its whats best it makes your shake cus it hurts so bad
doo doo 02:21
do you hear that sound running around your head listen to the music don't you wanna remmeber who you are proabably not dont talk like you do talk like you used to talk like you give a &#$%
life is moving fast now life is moving too fast now everything is leaving hey dont think about it too much dont let it into your subconscious think about it too much tell me if you ever feel like leaving tell me if you ever lie tell if you ever need a shoulder to cry on
dont try to resist what youre meant to do just put your head down and keep on pushing til you find out whatever it is that your life is all about no dont stray too far no dont go too far away dont let it slip away til its gone dont ever let it slip away
godhead 02:49
the spirit will rise the spirit will fill you interceding throught the firmament casting light down through the cloud i just wanna know you i just wanna show you that my heart beats for you its true life takes a long time it feels like forever i love you i do i need you
i met you in a parking lot i hit you with a frisbee my friends and i picked you up you didnt know me we drove you home you were in the front seat my parents never know that i would let you drive me my mother said she had no fear when my daddy said "i love you" i could feel the future see it clear all i have to do is trust you i still do baby still after all this time we still find ourselves falling in love still after all this time we still find ourselves falling in love falling in love look me in the eyes and hold my hand babe we're getting older i hope my children one day understand what it takes to be a mother what it takes to be a father cus we're all gonna die cus we're all gonna cry but we're all gonna love eachother and we're all gonna live in peace and we're all gonns spread creation until we meet again bye bye buh bye buh bye


released February 25, 2023


all rights reserved



4:44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

elemental rock forged from deep within a mystical basement known in legend as cellar heaven

all songs written, recorded and performed by Free

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