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by 4:44

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regenerate 03:20
i want you to feel the way i make you feel lets just make sure that its real i know that i am in love with you do you need me like i need you regenerate and repent doing things that we are not meant to be doing losing losing losing my innocence and i cry Lord take me back to when i was a dumb boy i used to dream that anything could happen Lord take me back to when i was a young boy I used to dream that anything happen
weather 03:16
everywhere i am isnt where i wanna be i just wanna see if what im meant to be has passed me by so tired of trying so hard and getting nowhere what am i supposed to do now to make things better ive been riding the weather please see me through i need you im on my own please never leave i receive your blessing
manchild 03:24
is there more to life than what im living for God im depending on you to lead me to the open door im losing my mind waiting i cant keep my worry in my body and i bleed all over the ones that i love silent violent full of rage flagrant impatient manchild somethings in my brain baby causing all this pain i need relief i need some sleep i need to go where im supposed to go over and over and over and over again in my head
otherside 02:38
whats going on is something wrong did i say something to hurt your feeling again cus if i did i apologize ill look you in the eyes until i make myself feel sorry for what i dont know baby forgive me please stop crying im not trying to make you hurt im not lying believe me when i tell you that i love you all i wanna do is make it through to the other side of life with you
dickhead 02:23
if you want me to i will love you baby let me back in your heart i will never tear it apart i got a big mouth i say dumb shit i can be an asshole i can be a real big dick (im sorry) i can be a real big dickhead i dont even know what it really means i just wanna be your everything ill back off ill be nice ill do anything for the rest of my life
enemy 02:21
ive been hurting im a fool ive been hurting you my bodies broken my souls been crushed cant let my guard down cus ive had enough pain all my life let down by someone just when i thought that you were on my team baby give me time give me space i need to erase my memory and rememeber that you are not my enemy woo
nightwalk 02:01
i am tired of living inside i wanna go outside i wanna take a walk around my town and when im down ill try to get my mind right put on a song that i like even though nothing is alright as long as it makes me feel nice to help me forget sacrifices i made my decisions they left incisions on my soul will i ever go will i ever go where im meant to go
cobalt 02:00
i need to find a new way everydays the same i wake up and look outside my window i dont know which way to go and time will pass you fast real slow i need to find a new way the world spins around me i need to find a new way im so glad you found me darling you will never know just what you mean to me just what you mean come on home and love me i love to love the way you love with you baby blue
shock 02:51
i miss the way i used to be i miss the way i used to be i would put my head down and i would push through not depending on anyone but relying on you oh whered the time go make the clock stop i need a break from my mistakes im getting colder everyones older i dont want to grow up i just want to throw up everytime i think about it im in shock
defeat 02:52
i got twenty something bucks and i dont give a fuck about anything i was standing in the street didnt feel like moving my feet or anything i felt a relief a release needless to say it scared needles to say im tired today i felt defeat ill say my prayers and go back to sleep ive got a thousand fuckin songs and you dont sing along to any of them how do you think that makes me feel i stopped caring what you think years and years and years and years ago
more 02:49
are you lonely do you need someone to work it out for you in the garden i pray that you parden me dont you take time to worry bout anything everything is fine what is meant to be mine will be mine i cant hear you though im trying im relying on your promise and i promise that i will always love you but im so sad i wanna be glad i wanna be happy with the things i have but im so tired of going to the store of always wanting more and more and more and more
burnt out 02:11
im too tired to shout no doubt burnt out feel like shit from when i wake up to when i go to sleep to when i try to sleep do you hear me i barely hear you anymore every night on my knees praying on the floor could you deliver me from all this confusion my life is laced with a holographic illusion
better 02:49
i wish that i could feel the way i used to feel when i was a child everytime i try to drive i lose my mind please God take it away i cant take it anymore i pray please stay away from me i think im really losing im really losing it im really losing im really losing my mind i guess ill try i guess ill lie baby im fine i swear this time im getting better fine baby im fine i swear this time im getting better
fragile 02:45
out of shape my body faces consequences for the things that i did with it for the things that i did with it brain is fragile flesh is fragile head is hard heart is hard all the shit i put in my body all the shit i put in my lung all the shit i put in my stomach really fucked me up but i can feel you when youre near i know youre always here my anchor in the sand always hold my hand
dark blue 03:32
i dont want to be alone i just want to be with you im tired of trying to change she tells me that i can remain the same dark blue compromising for you
summerland 04:16
into the summerland mash the baby drink its blood into the summerland i will make you be my love i will cast it i will prepare the potion i will flask it i will make you smoke it and you dance around the fire and you float above the heat no reason to be overdramatic its only white magic
everybody 02:00
everybody why cant you just love everybody ra ha ha i find myself again in between you and God as if theres even a question as to whom i will love cus i pledged allegiance to the nail in the hand i crucified my flesh to follow the son of man
heretic 02:27
icy colors pass me slowly racing through shooting stars they rip right through could it be they actually mean nothing at all theyre just light from burned out gas its just a loud cloud and it makes no sound the moon will rise by the hand of God and we will drown crystal vision television crucifixion circumcision heretic i must not be what the world wants me to be i must try to see who im meant to be i am not i am just a man i am not my own god
same 04:12
i cant live like this anymore somethings gotta give i feel good enough to feel bad take me to the days when i could stay inside and watch tv with my family and everything was ok everything was fine and nothing was wrong with my mind everyones changed everything is different here i am i am still the same oh life is hard enough life is hard enough without you oh baby be there for me and baby i will be there for you
pander 02:14
why cant you look me in the eye when i say that there will be no compromise i can and will not change i will forever stay the same and you can roll with the world if you want to live in a state of shock live in a state of fear living a lie to tell you what they want to hear clap yourself on the back they clap back when you fuck up
grow 01:26
watch them grow up to grow apart watch them grow up to break your heart baby dont you go too far mama keep me where you want me i will be where you are i could never leave my family nothing else would make me happy i just wanna be my daddy i dont wanna be what ive become whats this thing that has possessed me i swear that i am sorry im sorry i swear im sorry
revelation 02:31
and i pray for revelation look up in the night sky im so finite ooh God i need an answer i barely feel you from within separated by my sin keep me in your mercy im on my way back home i am lost but i will be found again i was lost but i will be found again not by my will just by your design you are true divine i have faltered give me shelter wash my hands cleanse my soul fill this hole in my chest
audubon lake 03:11
taking me back to the place that i know where i used to go taking a walk with my dad around audubon lake feeding bread to the ducks throwing lines to the fish oh how i miss this oh how i miss this time in my life oh no dont go too far away from audubon lake
all my heart 02:18
baby you know that i could never leave you never lie never deceive ya i just wanna let you know how much i need ya i hope that you need me like i need you baby be true i do with all my heart i love you
divine 04:00
darling tell me what you need me to be and i will give you all of my self let me know and i will go there for no one else but you i love you truly you are divine walking in time to the wedding bell tears shed as the flowers fell my hearts all for you my heart belongs to you the past fades behind me you have reminded me that theres more to life so much more to life


released August 10, 2021


all rights reserved



4:44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

elemental rock forged from deep within a mystical basement known in legend as cellar heaven

all songs written, recorded and performed by Free

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