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by 4:44

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Jewel (DEMO) 02:58
please just try to take off your mask be who you are and let the past be the past baby shines when the light hits her face shes a jewel i could never forget her i will always remember the color of blue in green
Harm (DEMO) 04:02
glistening and shimmering so beautiful a bright light in the dark night split the sky now baby cut the cloud revealing glimpes of heaven i ask are you a human or just an illusion i need an angel to color my life i need a girl to make my wife life is so black and white now life is emerald when you shine
check one two check turned down again yea it hurts just a little bit more every time i cry but i guess that means its not right i wanna meet someone thatll love me forever oh dont you wanna meet someone thatll love you forever oh dont you wanna know true love
oh no again im waited all the hurt never grew into hating as the words left your lips i swore it was a lie the sun shines down on me yea never to love again oh no there she goes in her summer dress theres she goes in the summer time there she goes shes not mine offer me consolation shes stringing stars in constellations when i was her man i never thought that id ever be alone again and again everything repeats in my head i need a new universe
Nerve (DEMO) 02:38
when i get this feeling i just wanna cry i just wanna lay my head down for a long, long time but when it gets late i cant sleep all my fears consume and i pray it and pray it and pray it away for fear of fading away i need my mind clear just what has life got left for ill never listen to the enemy youve only ever been a friend to me youve only ever been my friend when i get this feeling i just wanna disappear into the past and dream of days i took for granted man i wasted all my life on bullshit such a selfish existence wherein lies regret where my needs are met down at the crossroads a heavy load upon my back my minds racing off the track just what has life got left for me ill never listen to the enemy youve only ever been a friend to me youve only ever been my friend
Money (DEMO) 02:41
in the place of your comfort days warp from mornings to nights every day you work harder work your finger to bone baby you know that I love you but i just wanna get up for money (ka ching, ka ching, ka ching)
Cool (DEMO) 03:07
baby i always just let you down somehow i hurt you and somehow desert you you start giving me your shit i didnt do anything at all why do you act like i did i think theres something wrong with you tell me do things and i run and done stuff mom dad quick look its so cool nyahhh
Claw (DEMO) 01:50
no it wont always be like that nothing will stay the same forever on earth everything will change brace yourself for a storm coming brace yourself for a storm you know i like you you know i do like you you know that i could never fall in love if i never knew you i could fall in love when i talked to you you pierced my heart
like a diamond in the rough man extracted by pain chisel my brain with an ice pick cutting out the shit that makes me sick i cant lie feels like im gonna die i suffocate we'll take a deep breathe with the air thats left in my lung deeper than a cracking bone deeper than a needle in the gum discovering true suffering showing me true pain i cant stand no i cant stand it i feel like im gonna die but i could never lie i suffocate man you reap what you sew i want another go at life i want another go at life hoo ha
fugue 04:02
tell me that im dreaming tell me its a nightmare oh do you wanna take a ride to the fruit stand man it aint no crime my daddy is a good man you must be lying this pain'll make a man lose his mind gotta kill the memory to leave the past behind you leave a stain on my brain you got mud in my blood you got sin in my skin so crush my meds in banana watch the cars drive by on the porch i cant rememeber anything at all oh what a blessing oh what a miracle
i never did anything that i didnt want to i never did anything blowing wind pouring rain cellar heaven crystal cave for me i want to for you i wanna find out wonder what life is all about dont doubt me cus im still that kid just buried under sin
Fine (DEMO) 02:34
whys it hurt so bad why does it feel so good to be putting me down just cus i walk around the town like a fool its so lonely and so i buy this and buy that cus im not happy ill be i dont know who i am anymore do you how do i be true to that i like to laugh and have a good time playing with my friends and acting like im fine
youve got a long way to go child i did my best i hate to see you go but youll grow up forever and youll meet the one you love and youll settle down and youll have a child and when you throw a party ill be your kids drunk uncle well life keeps trucking on dont forget me i wont forget you i never could cus im your brother
Cycle (DEMO) 01:19
every day is the same i wake up dont know what to do i guess ill sing another song for you i guess im stuck in a cycle im stuck in a cycle of pain every day is the same as the years roll by i try to find a girl to get me out
life burns fast like a candle blowing by the window im watching the sky cry dont leave me dont ever go dont you ever think i can make it alone now dont break my heart and i wont break yours i just wanna love you forever ive wasted my time crying
Forge (DEMO) 03:15
steel to hammer forge the sword break the spell to fight the horde dont give up my friend nobody knows what lies beyond the end for certain for now we look through the glass darkly dont lose hope my friend we love you and we're counting on you to pull through
killing the fantasy in my head of what love is all about if i never let it out then it may never find me cus im guarded anymore i dont care everyone ive ever loved is now gone never loved anyone as much as i love my dog never loved anyone as much as i love my family never loved anyone as much as i love my true friends my two friends here as i am the color of aqua seafoam green


released March 20, 2021


all rights reserved



4:44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

elemental rock forged from deep within a mystical basement known in legend as cellar heaven

all songs written, recorded and performed by Free

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