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by 4:44

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celebration 02:36
i am my worst enemy everything i do is a lie i wonder if who i'm meant to be is still alive baby let me feel like i am doing something good for you come to the celebration there'll be free beer and a food truck and my family and friends will have a good time and we'll never want it to end
graduate 03:20
walking through halls where i used to crawl half asleep smile at the sentimental fools as they try to stop weeping peaking fighting the future i cant be in here anymore embrace your fate and leave this place behind ive been asleep my whole life waiting for the bell to ring i wanna go home and do my own thing cannot wait to graduate i dont wanna have to wait any longer this should be a crime its such a waste of time your arbitrary imprint on my mind graduate
junk food 02:44
clogging up my arteries makes my body look funny junk food junkie chunky monkey man fluffy chubby yea mommy take me to the drive thru get me happy meal daddy grammy lend me money i need happy meal
in my daddys car opening new cards in my carseat i got charizard going to haddonfield with my cousins to threads and sleds he said a kitty is what i am he said i am what i eat i dont like to think about the future my mind is far behind sunshine faint memories
hallmark 02:08
id like to know if i will make it through the night into the day i fear that i might feel like i might fade away ill fade away and everyone will cry and i will cry from heaven up above but heaven sent the hallmark channel for the static in my brain
stagnant 03:01
ashes fall through the air into the sky fire explodes on the fourth of july ive got a beer and a soda ive got a corn on the cob everyone is in sync oh red and blue around noone to bring us down we are dancing on the ceiling american overalls scalipini we are stagnant in our freedom its never another day theres always a price to pay with bone and blood and brain
guise 02:27
i dont like what ive become sometimes i dont know why i cant find myself dont wanna hide the way i am behind guises it is what it is behind everything i keep to myself i need some time to be alone with you i need some i need some time to be alone with you i do i do behind guises it is what it is behind guises i try to hide it behind guises im not what i seem to be not what i mean to be never hurt never learn behind guises changing to hide what i am behind guises
weird 02:21
weird too weird for me never safe never can i let my guard down never pray to some idol ill never change its just too weird for me
be 02:14
i spent my whole life trying to do things that i didnt wanna do hurt my mind hurt my body just in time i try never get back to where im meant to be
hands 01:39
ive been thinking things are out of my control life is taking a toll on me life is taking its toll on me set me free set me free from my mind only stressing all the time leave it to the blood of the lamb its out of my hands
flow 03:22
you know i tried my best gave nothing less than everything gonna lift this weight off my chest gonna take a little rest now id never know what God would show me i need to breathe i need to believe and release my death grip on my life everything i want inside i hold in my hand never let it go pull me down below drag me through the fire drag me through the snow sacrificing everything for what everything i need is standing right in front of me now no reason to leave release believe everything flows in the time of God
i took a ride out into the country i drove my car as far as i can so many things spinning around in my head wish i could turn them off every sound amplifies emotion for the first time i dont want no CD somethings wrong with me ride the breeze through the trees through the green leaves through the countryside on a country drive no matter how far i go i only ever wanted to come home
neighborhood 02:08
im not the one who changed its you im not the one who likes to prove you wrong im not the one who moved away just to stay cool i love the weather round my house i love the neighbors on my street i love my family and if i never move away id still be happy in my neighborhod
slow motion 02:22
i dont want to have to ask you do you want to make me cry how could i know maybe you could try to lie i dont mind ill be fine just tell me that its not so bad tell me that its not a waste of time tell me that im not watching my life go by in slow motion
always 04:10
shes got eyes i try to see behind but she puts it all in front of me shes got a smile that changed my life im reminded to be someone for her someone to love and trust to show her that shes more than enough and though im older now she makes me younger in the heart and though she makes time stop moving she makes me wanna start living start giving her my always my always theres a pain deep in her brain and it hurts her when she sheds a light shes got everything that i ever couldve wanted and i only want to do right by her forever cus i love her to death cus i wanna be with ya in the next life cus youre beautiful my soulmate and though im older now she makes me wanna start and though im older now she made me younger in my heart and though im older now she makes me younger in the heart and though she makes time stop moving she makes me wanna start living start giving her my always my always


released July 22, 2021


all rights reserved



4:44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

elemental rock forged from deep within a mystical basement known in legend as cellar heaven

all songs written, recorded and performed by Free

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