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by 4:44

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whitecaps 01:42
whitecaps on my back the cold wind is blowing the ocean it ebbs and flows emotion i go wherever the wind will blow but i need just need some time alone darling could you just give me some space i want it i need it i dont want you coming round darling dont you let me see your face whitecaps are on my back and im gone
vacation 01:47
on the beach by myself sitting under the sun aint nobody around aint no one i dont wanna go home i just wanna stay i just wanna stay on vacation
paradise 02:37
we aint got no cash we aint got no money baby spent it all on the drugs in her body her eyes roll baclk and her head starts to shakle as her teeth starts to rot and her skin starts to flake in paradise it feels like paradise it stings like paradise it burns like paradise ive got some magic if youve got the money buy my miracle ingest in your body all of your worries all of your fears will melt away all of our fears will manifest and we'll see them dancing round our bodies whisper in your ear and tell you youre a hotter cuddled on the couch smothered in love mouth starts to foam eyes filling with blood teeth start to fall out on the floor the devil starts knocking on the door of paradise
avalon 02:51
fuck that bullshit i dont buy it cant make me believe it but you can try it i already know that you reap what sew and its a lie you reap a lie never coming back home baby is gone we lost him buried in the dirt in a flag wrapped coffin crying and screaming and lashing and thrashing on the floor to live in die for avalon
summer rock 02:15
substitution aint rational happiness is my goal put the smoke in my skull so i can feel my skull buy me something good i can forget my body i dont have to remember shit as my eyes turn red as the blood rushed in my head man i wish that i was dead
digi 02:49
digimon cards and coca cola dragonball cards and coca cola pokemon cards and coca cola opening packs of cards again and i still feel alone drinking coca cola how come nobody ever seems to listen to my songs i dont wanna know i need to take a break i need to take a rest ive got a lot of things to get off my chest
nutz 01:45
i need to change i do the same thing day after day all my friends think im nuts stop buying cards your crazy babies lazy please just shut your fuckin mouth whats with the CDs wild they went out of style in the nineties with barbie and ken and buh buh buh baby bop and barney and buh buh buh baby bop and sock em boppers i need to change i do the same thing day after day all my friends think im nuts i ate a salad and i shit my pants when i hit the disco i can really dance the chicken dance YMCA and the perculator i need to change i do the same thing day after day all my friends think im nuts
poison 01:25
make a way for me cus i am lost so many things to do so many places to go my mind overloads at all the options all the things are changing round my head all my friends are changing round their heads poison fills the minds of sons and daughters something in the water
eel 02:18
if you fight too hard itll pull you in itll constrict your limbs if you try to swim gotta feel the ground for the sand bar like the eel in the garden it will harden dont float too far dont float too far away away ooh
baby 02:04
im a big dumb kid the things i did im not proud of i wanna leave it all leave it all behind i wanna be with my baby down by the water i wanna live for her now whatdya say girl now would ya wanna drive away now with nothing but nothing but love i wanna be with my baby down by the water i wanna live for her now now i finally found someone to love
boo 02:22
oh i love ya i do i do i know this time its true its true dont say things like that dont scare me like that dont hurt me like that youre one in a million no one like you killing me with the things you do never felt a love like that never seen it in an eye but i do not deserve it but im gonna try baby be my baby be my baby be my boo
baby kiss my lips and heal my brain take me for a ride on the disco train to north caroline take that leap of faith dont let this moment go to waste ill face your fears and wash your tears in north caroline
smile 02:26
life is better with you the futures clearer now she makes me smile do you wanna take me where youre going ill go where you are my northern star all of my love to you i wanna give
fade 02:30
nothing you could do to make me stop from loving you dont hate me it just hurts me oh it just hurts me to watch you leave your mind behind ill hold your head can it do that she cries i try to console her i dont know what to do no dont go shes gone she fades
somewhere 03:14
hang on a little bit longer dont forget to say your prayers just hang on a little bit longer and ill be there oh someone loves you somewhere dont break my heart my child somehwere loves you somewhere suicide ill see you in my memories ill see you in my prayers ill see you in the next life when i get there
mistake 01:24
life is here right now dont try too hard to figure it out i tried for a long long time and im still nowhere throw it up to God cus ive had my share of heart ache and broken promises i take responsibility for my actions for my shame wash away my mistakes
island 03:46
pain in my brain hurt in my head i need you i believe in you its now or never into forever my angel i love you youre one of a kind youre always on my mind stay with me baby youre beautiful baby youre wonderful never leave oh youre my chick magical no one else youre like a movie of romance i wanna live on an island i wanna live by the sea i wanna mean as much to you as you mean to me my baby underneath the sun laughing having fun under the stars safe in my arms my baby makes me happy she makes me happy
southern girl you are my world thers no one else for me i cant believe that you would feel the way i feel for you for me baby i love i love the way you love oh i love i love the way you love my hand in her hand under the sun we said in the sand "you are the one i love you"


released June 9, 2021


all rights reserved



4:44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

elemental rock forged from deep within a mystical basement known in legend as cellar heaven

all songs written, recorded and performed by Free

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